Moving images are exactly that - moving!

A video is so much more powerful than a mere photo, and videography has therefore taken a firm foothold in the field of product presentation – fashion, jewelry,  or any other products … you name it. The experienced Sharkbite team is there for you, with all our expertise! Our passion and creativity will all flow into your individual product video. Especially if you have an online shop, product videos are known to trigger a positive decision to buy in your potential customers, since they can view the goods in a fresh, creative and really different way and at the same time get all the information they need. Professional product videos have the potential to siginificantly increase your chances to make a sale!

A professional product video enables your customer to get a comprehensive, complete view of your product – but wait, there’s more! A video also gives you as the seller incredibly vast opportunities to present not only information, but covey atmosphere. The professional SharkBiteCommunication video team brings your products in the focus, in moving pictures, and with passion and commitment. Great videos can help you set your products apart from those of the competition and help you trigger decisions to purchase in your customers! We will do our everything for your success.

Of course, your wishes are our command. We will produce a video in accordance with your desires, concepts and in sync with your company philosophy – for each and every branch of the economy and just about any product. Our videos are professional and creative at the same time, and they will help your customers identify with your products so much better.

Our product videos are tailored to your target group. We put your products in the limelight with finesse, and we transport your message to your customers – absolutely reliably.

Product videos

are suitable for many purposes: You can use them in the article description in your online shop, but also in presentations. As an integral part of your company web pages, a well-made survey of your entire product range would be just perfect. Of course, we are also more than happy to roll advertising spots for you, to be broadcast online as well as offline.
People just love explanation videos that show them what to expect. We are absolutely for tutorials shown on web pages, your Facebook page or your YouTube channel, and we are more than happy to realize them with state-of-the-art technology. Unboxing, how-to videos and so on are very close to our hearts. It is your call whether the video is professional and matter-of-fact, or looks like it was home-made, with a certain simple charm, to create closeness with your customers.

You'd like to have some photos, too?

You require product photos for your web pages, catalog, social media channels and so on? Please come visit our page

Our product videos always put your product first. We’ll present your goods exactly as you want them to be seen!

With a neutral backdrop or creatively, in nature, in a studio, on a desk or in a whole other context, but always in a way that befits you, your company and your products.

The SharkBiteCommunication Team is happy and proud to meet the high standards of our customers with professional product videography

This is how it's done

1. Idea

Let’s brainstorm together to find an individual concept for you – even if you’re not quite sure how to tackle product videos yet, we will be at your side!

2. Planning

After finding a concept, we’ll roll your professional product videos for your web shop, your web presence or your social media channels. We’ll also shoot details, or share hints and tips for the best usage of your product, how to assemble it correctly and so much more.

3. Realization

When shooting your product videos, we can make use of several cameras, and we’ll transport your message not only via moving pictures, but also via lighting, sound and special effects. Final optimization and editing, cutting and adding sound is of course part of our full service package.

You can always count on our passion and lifeblood, our experienced team and creative network of true experts in the field of videography and marketing – at all our international locations. Let’s create unique, mesmerizing product videos together, which target your intended audience directly and provide your customers with attractive information and many important details.

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