Video editing for any genre

The professional team at SharkBiteCommunication gladly takes care of editing your videos – no matter what kind of film you need, business or private: A professionally edited vacation video or a wedding movie? An image film, a video for your Social Media canals? It doesn’t matter – we cut and edit everything from short Instagram stories to feature-length films.

We look back on many years of experience, which enable us to help you with your project – and that’s a promise! We’ll get the most out of your material and deliver the video you need, exactly tailored to your purpose.

We are especially interested in the field of social media and YouTube – we know exactly to which details we need to pay attention to in order to catch your audience.

The team at SharkBiteCommunication knows how to tease that certain something out of your material. We can make professional color enhancements, correct blurry scenes, optimize the sound, and will take care of all the other mishaps and inaccuracies that can happen during filming.

Our processing steps

1. preparations

Just send us your video material, and – if desired – additional material such as a specific song, your logo, pictures for the credits and so on. We will discuss the material with you – we are of course open for your comments on the desired cut.

2. edits

Now it’s our turn. We edit and cut the video according to your ideas.

3. feedback

Then we create a preview file and send it to you. Send us your feedback and, if you have any, your change requests, and we take care of their implementation.

4. submission

When everything is done, you will receive a link where you can download your finished video in maximum quality.

You don't have any videos yet?


We will gladly produce some with you, that’s what we like to do best after all!

Our software

Of course we work exclusively with professional programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut from Apple and Davinci Resolve.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I hand in the data?

Either via Wetransfer or by mail, depending on the amount of data

  • Do you keep my data confidential?

We treat your data as if it were our own material – word of honor!

  • How do I submit change requests?

With the comment function of our feedback tool you can directly comment in the video

  • What is a preview?

A preview is a video that’s not 100% finished yet. It serves to discuss final changes, just like a “rough cut”.

  • Can you add music/graphics/photos/titles/special effects?

Sure, your video should be special after all! We have large databases to fall back on and can thus avoid licensing problems when it comes to music.

  • How long does editing take?

There is no general answer to this question, since the duration depends primarily on the amount of raw material. But we will do anything to keep your deadline.

  • Can you edit an existing video?

Yes, that is no problem at all.

  • Do I keep the rights to the video?

Of course! With the conclusion of the contract all rights of use are transferred to you.

  • Can you also optimize the video for other channels, e.g an Instagram story?

Sure! We have lots of experience with social media.

Trust us

We know exactly how a well-made video by a professional can trigger deep emotions. Let us surprise you and see what we can conjure up for you. We at SharkBite Communication are really looking forward to working with your video material!

Would you like us to edit photos for you, too?

Of course we are also your go-to when it comes to editing photos and giving them some finishing touches.

Cut with us!